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June 27th Miracle Across Windsor & Essex County

Hello LSCU,

Many of you may have already heard about the June 27th Miracle across Windsor and Essex County to help those who are struggling to gain access to the food they need.

There are many ways to get involved and I’m putting out a call to all of LSCU to do as much as you can and show the community how we can come together in times of need! It can be as simple as leaving non-perishables on your door step at noon on June 27th, to making signs or signing up as a volunteer (lots of jobs to choose from and they really some extra hands)!

Volunteers will be out collecting the food from 12-4 and bringing it back by the truckload to the Nature Fresh Arena. You are also able to drop off food from 12-3 at the arena by accessing the Ellison Ave entrance.

This site gives you all the information about the June 27th miracle across Windsor-Essex

This facebook page is specific to Leamington – join if you are getting involved and want to stay up to date.

To help ensure everyone in Leamington knows about this there is a challenge to post homemade signs on your lawn (or update signs at your place of business).

Sign text:

The Miracle

June 27

Canned goods on porches at noon

Recap, we need food, signs and volunteers!

Thanks so much!

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