Guess who's back...

We would like to inform everyone that SC United is looking to start it's own Inter-Club League for the 2021 Outdoor Season. I know we are currently in lock down but we are busy trying to get all our players and any new players back on the pitch as soon as possible, while still following all the guidelines put forth by the Ontario Government and our Local Health Team.

With this in mind we need to get the pulse of our community and all players.

Regardless if you have ever played for SC United Soccer club or not, we invite you to join in and come out and play in our new Inter-Club Soccer League that will go by the name of SC Super League (SCSL). The SCSL would begin in early July, as long as we are out of the lockdown and in the Orange/Yellow or Green stage.

We are not asking anyone to register just yet but we would like to know if you are interested in playing. If you are interested, please fill out our Pre-Registration Form available on our website at or by clicking here

Please pass this along to all your soccer friends and families and we hope to see you all soon on the pitch.


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