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Best Performing Soccer Cleats for Kids

Is your child among the 250 million people who play soccer around the world? Soccer is an excellent way of promoting muscle and bone strength, cardiovascular health, and coordination.

Your child needs the proper gear to perform on the field, have fun, and progress. Here is what you need to know about choosing soccer cleats for kids and a few recommendations.

How to Choose the Right Soccer Cleats for Your Kids

New brands are always coming out with new designs and patented materials. Figuring out which cleats your child should wear can be challenging. Here are some essential things to consider when choosing a pair of cleats:

  • Position. Your child’s style of play and position on the field has a significant impact on the type of cleats they should wear.

  • Field type. The surface they play on determines how much grip and support they need. Find out if your child will play on artificial turf, a muddy surface, hard ground, etc.

  • Material. Cleats with a leather upper are more durable, while synthetic cleats cost less and are lighter. Mesh or knit is ideal for hot weather.

  • Foot shape. Make sure the cleats fit comfortable. Look for features like a wide toe box or an arched design if your child feels more comfortable.

  • Personal preferences. Soccer players develop personal preferences when it comes to gear. Have your child try on different types of cleats to see what feels right.

Our Recommended Soccer Cleats for Kids

We have put together some recommendations to help you find the right soccer cleats for kids.

Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi

These cleats deliver an excellent mix of speed and stability with their synthetic leather upper. The lace closure maintains your child’s foot in place, and the flexible sole is ideal for playing on firm ground. The deep studs improve traction and help your child run faster, and the textured leather upper is ideal for ball control.

Adidas Predator

Your child is going to love the modern and colorful design of these cleats. We like them because of the supportive high-top design and innovative fly-knit material. These cleats are ideal for speed and control, and the elastic mesh makes them an excellent option if you are looking for lightweight cleats. The slightly raised toe box helps improve speed and traction.

Best Budget Soccer Cleats for Kids

Shopping for budget cleats makes sense if your child wants to try playing soccer but might not commit for an entire season.

Puma Kids’ Future Soccer Shoe

These cleats are an ideal choice if you’re shopping on a budget. They’re versatile since your kid can use them on firm ground and artificial turf, and your kid will love the stylish design. The cleats deliver the right amount of support, and the textured upper will help your child improve their control of the ball.

BomKinta Kid’s FG Soccer Shoes

These affordable cleats are perfect for a beginner. The rubber sole makes the cleats lightweight and flexible, and the textured synthetic upper will help your child work on their control of the ball. We like the wide design and supportive arch that will enhance your child’s mobility.

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